Wednesday, April 4, 2012


All we can say is, "WOW!!" 
We want to be the girls of Roam Hawaii! 
Their lives are SO rad!
So they drive around Hawaii in their van(surfing when they please) and hand make things to sell!
Sounds like heaven!
(although we are sure these girls work hard so they can play hard!)
You can check out their Etsy shop to get a piece of Roam Hawaii for yourself!(here)

And as if they didn't already impress us enough, they have another label!! 
Below are images from there 1st line of swimmer, Issa de' Mar.
They started out hand making suits and got such a great reaction that they 
went into production with the designs!
They are currently working on their second line which will be available in a couple months!
Check out their current merchandise here!

We actually got to work with one of the designers of Roam Hawaii for a 
day and we are so glad we did! 
What a cool group of women they are!!  

Be sure to check out their tumblr here.
And like them on Facebook

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