Being in the fashion industry, there's nothing I love more than a great photograph. 
I've recently found myself stuck in a world of digital photography and the predictability of it all.
Don't get me wrong...it's definitely a plus to be able to look at your camera viewer, realized your pal blinked, and do it all over again! But there is something about the joy of shooting film and the thrill of driving to the photo lab to see what beauty lies inside those little white envelopes.

I've spent the last couple months collecting a couple cameras (2 vintage and a Diana "Daybreak") and believe me, the first roll I shot DID NOT turn out as planned. I wanted to share some tid bits from my second go. The following were shot with my Diana Daybreak 120 film camera and a vintage Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera that my father handed down to me!

These images are a little glimpse into my personal realm. 
Now that I've become more confident in my shooting abilities, I cannot wait to start taking some exciting street fashion images to share with you lovely Cult members.
I'm making a move soon to a big city and the possibilities are completely endless!

Until next time...


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