Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Happy Tuesday Cult members! I'm Mallary, creator of LA based FBLMNDS, a badass lifestyle brand. I am so so so excited to be guest blogging on The Cult Of Style!!! FBLMNDS will be coming to you every week with some exciting DIY's and rockin' finds! 
To get things started we wanted to do a DIY (Dye It Yourself!) FBLMNDS style. We love novelty dyes, denim and all things studded. This is a fun/easy one! Enjoy!

Things you'll need:
1. Any denim piece you have that may need a little T.L.C (These are Lucky Brand shorts I've had for YEARS. They needed some help after a rust ridden dryer got a hold of them!)
2. Some RIT Dye
3. Tape
4. Latex gloves (these are optional...but c'mon...let's protect our manicures!)
5. Prong backed studs
6. Pliers

We are going to do a single side dip dye! First, I like to tape of a "seam" for where I want the dye to stop. This isn't always perfect or necessary but helps more so as a guideline when dipping the shorts!
Next- mix up your dye in a bucket of boiling water. I like to mix RIT powder dye with the RIT liquid dye. More saturation!
As you can see in the picture to the far right, you just jump right in there and start dipping! Depending on what color you're trying to achieve, you may need to keep it under the dye for a while.

After dipping, set your shorts on a trash bag to let them dry a bit. You'll need to fully wash them later BUT it's always best to let them hang out for a while. This helps the dye soak in!
Now on to the fun part... STUDDING!

Start poking your prong studs through your shorts (anywhere you like...get crazy with it!) and use your pliers to fold the prongs back. Today I did a little triangle on the back pocket!
Voila! We had some dye run to our other side...but loving it! Some times the little mishaps that take place during dying can be fantastic!
Have fun stud muffins!

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