Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Happy Tuesday friends! Guest Blogger FBLMNDS here with another fantastical D.I.Y! We (along with The Cult of Style) were so inspired by Coachella and the free spirit that it brings out in all of us. This freedom inspired us to create a floral headpiece that we can wear all summer long to keep the festival home fires burnin'! 

This is a simple piece to throw together to make your do the big hit at the block party or the talk of the bonfire! Enjoy!

What you'll need:
1. Some silk flowers from your local craft store
2. A bundle of hemp twine
3. Needle and thread!

First take 3 strands of twine (long enough to circle around your head plus a couple inches to tie it off) and create a braid. Finish your braid with knots on each end to keep it secure.
Next, cut all stems off your silk flowers to make the back of them as flat as possible!

Thread your needle. You may want to use thread that is close in color to either the hemp OR your flowers. 
Once you have your needle threaded, you're ready to start rockin! 
Place your flowers on top of the braid and start doing a single running stitch (first through to braid and then through your flowers).
This is where you can get as creative as you want! Mix up your flowers to make it look as whimsical as possible!

You've finished sewing once you've reached your end knot! I did mine with more "natural" colors but I think next time I will mix it up with some brights! You can tie it behind your head and wear as a traditional headband (pictured above) or you can let it sit on your forehead and tie it at the back of your head for a "Midsummer Nights Dream" vibe! 
***Such a fun project to do this past weekend with our beautiful weather in LA! I wore this all day and into the night and felt like a magical dancing gypsy!!!!***

There are plenty of summer parties, concerts and festivals still to come and with one of these beauties you're sure to get noticed!!!

Until next week...


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